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We are

Since 2015, Compit is paving the technological future of the real estate world.

In the past 8 years we provided real estate services as one of the top 5 teams in NYC.

We partnered with the best minds to create a new way to do real estate.

If you are interested in selling your home you definitely want to hear about it.


We Believe

Most transactions are priced wrong

Most transactions are taking longer than they should

Real estate should be done differently

Less steps, More results


The traditional way

1. Find a broker to sell your home

2. The broker GETS the exclusiveness to sell your home in 180 days

3. Couldn’t find a buyer? end up where you started


How we do it

1. Compit BUYS the exclusiveness to sell your home in 180 days using a nonrefundable deposit

2. Couldn’t find a buyer? keep the deposit or get the full contract price  

Our Partners​

Gal Dymant

Mr. Dymant is Chairman of Asia Direct Capital Group, and a representative partner in Pitango venture capital in China. Asia Direct is the leading company bringing Israeli technologies into the China market. The company is responsible for bringing more than 100 Israeli companies into the Chinese market. In addition, Asia Direct has raised more than $300 M USD from China into Israeli Hi Tech companies in the last three years. Gal holds an MBA from New York University and has invested in more than 20 companies in China, and in the last five years, he is an active angel investor in Israel.



Beachwold Residential is a family-owned real estate company, focused on the development, acquisition and management of multi-family properties. Through our vast operational and ownership experience, in depth knowledge of our target markets and long-lasting relationships with brokers, lenders and property managers, Beachwold is able to identify and acquire undervalued assets that offer superior long-term returns and lower than average risk.


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